5 Unexpected Ways Depression Can Impact Your Social Life & How To Spot The Signs

Depression or anxiety?

Well, many people confuse their anxiety for depression. Depression is an illness and the sooner we accept this, the better. In many cultures, it is considered a sin to even mention the word depression. It is sad because depression not only affects the personal life of an individual but also the social life. Almost every other day you and I come across news of a celebrity became victim to this deadly disease and committed suicide. If this does not alarm you, I do not know what will. I would urge individuals to visit a therapist and not shy away from getting a suitable treatment. I would also ask people who are suffering from depression to spend more time with their families and friends. According to studies, people who do so are at a lower risk of developing mental health diseases than people who do not. However, if you find it hard to socialize with others all the time, Spectrum bundle deals for your internet, plus cable will help divert your mind as you connect to the outside world from the ease of your home.

Depression or anxiety

Diversion of mind, however, is not the cure of depression and it is often very hard to detect the disease as well. Following is a list of ways in which depression can harm/impact your social life and how to spot the signs:

1.      Socializing? No, I don’t want to:

The whole idea of going out and meeting people gives shivers to the people suffering from depression. Socializing becomes an exhausting or a terrifying ‘task’ for the individuals. They will come up with all sorts of excuses to stay at home and not meeting friends. However, it’s not only the idea of meeting people that haunts the people suffering from depression, the task of replying to text messages becomes daunting for them as well. So, if you feel that you are becoming less social or have started avoiding gatherings, it’s time you visit a therapist and discuss it with him/her.

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2.      My friends don’t understand me

At times, people suffering from depression will have a friend or two who will make insensitive comments about their condition. Majority of the times, it is unintentional but then again there are individuals who enjoy mocking people. Dealing with bullies and insensitive people hard for everyone but people suffering from depression know the real struggle. If you feel that you are surrounded by negative people who do not sympathize with you, distance yourself from them. However, if you realize that your friends make thoughtless jokes about your condition, it is time you discuss it with them and politely ask them to avoid making comments that disturb you. I am sure they are your well-wishers and will understand the impact that their comments have on you. Remember that withdrawing from your friends is not the solution in this case. It will only worsen your situation.

3.      I don’t want to share it with my friends

There comes a time when people suffering from depression stop sharing things with their friends. Apart from having the fear of not being understood by others, the terror of being judged stops the sufferers from trusting their friends as well. They will find it rather difficult to trust people with their secrets or feelings. They view themselves as a burden on their friends and often lack words to explain their feelings to the loved ones. Due to these reasons, the sufferers start distancing themselves from their friends. That is the worst they can do to themselves. Withdrawing from friendships is not the solution.

So, please do not!

4.      Where is my social confidence?

Amongst the many symptoms of depression, a rather noticeable one is losing self-esteem or self-confidence. People suffering from depression will always question their contributions made in a conversation or would become shyer around people they once shared a comfort zone with. However, this should not stop the sufferer from going to a social gathering or sharing views on a certain topic. The therapist should be informed about the condition and he/she will help you get out of it.

5.      Why am I always snapping at my friends?

Intolerance and irritability are characteristics common to people suffering from depression. The sufferers should remember that these symptoms do not define them as a person. This is not who they are. Discussing it with your therapist or explaining the changed behavior to friends should help in this situation.

While I might have discussed the major signs of how depression affects the social life of an individual, the list is not limited to this. There are many more symptoms and I would urge everyone to educate himself or herself regarding this illness. In today’s era, it is not difficult to stay updated. The smartphones, cable television, and easy internet access make information easily accessible. I, myself, am thankful for deals like Spectrum Internet Bundle that make accessing information easy and affordable.