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Scientists’ studies of the life cycle and life of an insect called the butterfly are amazing. The life cycle is really interesting. The body of the butterfly larvae transforms into a large vascular air like the body. The time has come for transformation.

Caterpillar spins its cocoon around itself and seals itself inside it. The formed cocoon contains a solid inner cocoon. These amazing cocoon structures are capable of protecting their occupants at -30 degrees Fahrenheit. While in the cocoon their body changes to butterfly butterfly insects.

This is interesting, but what does it have to do with weight loss?

Let us continue to observe. The butterfly makes a small hole in the cocoon as soon as it reaches maturity in the cocoon. Through this small hole, the butterfly must come out of its cocoon chamber to enter the flight world.

This pressure is very serious with push, pull, etc. It takes a lot of time and effort to finally get out of the cocoon. The effort, however, is worth the fight because the butterfly is now able to fly.

How did that happen?

While trying to get out of the cocoon, some body fluid was forced into the wings. The wings filled with this special liquid will soon become firm and ready.

Unless the butterfly had to press its wings, it would not be able to fly. So the end result is the extraordinary effort required to fly.

Weight loss can be compared to the massive effort that the butterfly uses outside its cocoon. Look at the benefits of that fight.

There are many struggles that people with weight loss struggle to lose weight. Success in weight loss is 90% mentally and emotionally.

Some have come to love their overweight condition and have become comfortable. Some overlook the enormous health risks of being overweight [over fat] Some have given up trying to lose weight.

Just think of the different types of weight loss pills, exercises, methods and suggestions available today. However, we still have a shield overweight product [over fat] People in all societies

What exactly is the problem?

Recently, the CEO of Fast Food was questioned about a popular fast food chain.

Why not remove extra fat and salt from your fast foods?

He answered with a truth.

If we remove fat and salt from our foods we will be out of work.

So it goes for fast foods and processed foods that are easily prepared. In addition, they give it a taste. As a result, we spill these foods every day.

Are they right for you? Not!

Are they delicious? Yeah!

Are they right for you? Not!

One day I saw a lady at McDonald’s. He was apparently overweight as he was obese. He ordered two large potatoes, a large fried potato, two apples for a diet, and ordered a large DIET coca cola. Then he sat down and ate all of himself. She told the audience that she was on a diet and that she wanted a DIET drink.

This kind of person is eroding. If she really wants to lose weight, she has to change her attitude. He is looking for major health problems. However, he tells you delicious McDonald’s dishes. And he is right about taste. What about his neglected body and health?

90% weight loss is a mental game!

Like a butterfly, an overweight person must also push himself out of his cocoon. That means we are making a lot of effort to lose weight.

If we do not listen carefully to our body and do something about our condition, we will not benefit ourselves. Keep in mind that overweight (too fat) is a health hazard.

You can beat your overweight condition and it starts with your positive attitude. Even those who have tried and failed before can win.

These people can be successful with unsuccessful diets and so-called yo-yo diets. It starts with the mindset of positive thinking. Take responsibility for it! No one can do it for you! Only you can do it for you!

It is generally taught that there is little connection between our thoughts and our physical bodies. That’s not right. This new release connects the weight loss wins.

Now it’s time to BLITZKRIEG your overweight battlefield. Yes Start using slimming balls for a healthier and happier life.

To success and happiness in losing weight,

John Schmidt – Weight Loss Nutritionist

Source by John Russell Schmidt

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