Your Gentle Touch: 4 Tips to Keep Your Hands Smooth and Soft

The hands are among the body parts which are most often used for many purposes. It’s possible, but it’s undeniably hard to function without those hands and even when there’s something wrong with them. You use them to carry, hold and touch. You are the one who’s mostly in contact with your hands, your skin, your eyes, your hair and everything else. It’s important that you take good care of them.   Surely, it’s always best to have smooth and soft hands. The reason is not only for when other…

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Top reputable breast cancer hospitals in India for treatment of breast cancer?

Breast cancer is one of the most widespread cancer next to the infamous skin and lung cancer. It’s the condition when cancerous cells start multiplying in an abnormal way. The condition is marked by multiple symptoms like lumps in the affected area and more. It is quickly becoming the number one lady killer in the world. India alone registers over a million breast cancer cases every year. Although, a cure is yet to be discovered there are multiple advancements in the area, courtesy of good research and a strong will…

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What to Consider Before Getting Blood Cancer Treatment in India

Blood cancer is a type of cancer that causes blood cells (usually red blood cells) to grow abnormally or uncontrollably, thereby causing a lot of damage to the body. Blood is extremely important for the human body, as it transports oxygen and food to all the organs, and waste products like carbon dioxide away from them as well. A cancerous growth of red blood cells will disrupt all the organs of the patient’s body, thereby making them extremely sick before they finally succumb to their frailty and die. To prevent…

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