What to Consider Before Getting Blood Cancer Treatment in India

Blood cancer is a type of cancer that causes blood cells (usually red blood cells) to grow abnormally or uncontrollably, thereby causing a lot of damage to the body.

Blood is extremely important for the human body, as it transports oxygen and food to all the organs, and waste products like carbon dioxide away from them as well.

A cancerous growth of red blood cells will disrupt all the organs of the patient’s body, thereby making them extremely sick before they finally succumb to their frailty and die.

To prevent such a tragedy to happen, you need to check for cancer frequently. If diagnosed, you need to seek treatment as soon as possible. Blood cancer treatment in India is quite cost effective and has a high survival rate. If you are unsure though, here a few things you need to consider before getting cancer treatment in India.

Blood Cancer Types

There are three main kinds of blood cancer types have been recognized. These are listed below:

  • Leukemia
  • Lymphoma
  • Multiple Myeloma

Blood Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment procedures aren’t risk-free. They are extremely expensive, take a heavy toll on the patient’s body, and doesn’t always end up in success. Even when it does, the patient might need rehabilitation and may find difficult to lead a normal life.

Here are some of the popular treatments for blood cancer in India, along with their average approximate costs in India.

Chemotherapy: An entire chemotherapy session costs around INR 1,00,00.

Radiation Therapy: The cost of radiation therapy is quite high, costing around INR 6,50,000.

Bone marrow transplant: The cost of Bone marrow transplantation in India is extremely high, about INR 35,00,000.

If you were to add these costs, then the entire sum would come out to be in excess of 41 Lakh Rupees While these prices might seem like overkill, they are actually much more affordable than international medical procedures.

Cancer treatment in India

India has recently become an international hotspot for medical treatment, thanks to the cost-effective procedures and state of the art equipment available in hospitals here.

Patients from all around the world are flogging into the country to receive cancer treatment, which should be enough to convince you for the same. But which medical institution should you prefer for your treatment?

Blood cancer is an unwanted and uncontrolled growth of damaged blood cells, usually red blood cells. As cancer is extremely dangerous, it is imperative that it be treated immediately.

If you, or anyone you know, is diagnosed with cancer, RGCIRC is one of the best hospitals to get cancer treatment in India.


Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center, or RGCIRC, is a Top cancer hospital in India. It has two branches, both in New Delhi, one at Niti Bagh in south Delhi, and the other at Rohini, west Delhi.

They have a talented staff of specialized doctors and nurses, working hard to administer care and treatment to help the patients recover quickly.