Effective herbal remedies for male growth – Shizandra Berry, Katuaba Bark and Peruvian maize

Shizandra Barry (Schizandra chinensis)

Schizandra berry is a very powerful ap doptogenic herb, which means it produces substances that balance the body in tension, either by stimulating or relaxing. It promotes mental function, longevity, increases endurance and strengthens sexual organs. B herb is a powerful antioxidant that helps with mental clarity and increases your body's level of detoxifying enzyme glutathione.

In traditional Chinese medicine, schizandra berries are used as a remedy for many ailments: to prevent infections, improve skin health and fight insomnia, cough and thirst. Unlike caffeine, schizandra stimulates the central nervous system, that is, to produce mental growth without producing a stiff effect like caffeine.

Herbs have many health benefits … Recent research studies indicate that substances taken from schizandra can help in the treatment of liver disorders. It has effective effects on conditions such as fatigue, nervous exhaustion and lack of sleep. Due to its numerous health benefits it is becoming increasingly popular in Western Europe and the United States.

Katauba Bark (Juniperus brasiliensis)

It has been known for its sex-enhancing properties for centuries. The inspiration for the Katuaba peel is the most famous and commonly used ingredient in traditional Brazilian medicine as aphrodisiac.

Katuaba is a powerful aphrodisiac and a central nervous system stimulant. Its main actions are to increase libido, calm nerves and anxiety. Because of its sex-enhancing properties, bark extracts are used for sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction. It contains 3 alkaloids (ketoobin A, B and C) that are thought to enhance sexual function and that is why it is used as a component in many male sexual enhancement supplements.

Peruvian maize (Lepidium mayi)

It affects the sex hormone levels. Peruvian maize is an energy booster that increases male libido and improves sexual function. It mainly improves erectile dysfunction and male infertility, increasing the quality of semen. Research has shown that Peruvian maize works on certain parts of your body that produce hormones and stimulants that increase libido and increase virility. Not only is herb libido and stamina booster, it also works to balance the natural hormonal levels.

Maca is very well known and used as a powerful aphrodisiac in Peru. Today it is highly recommended for reproductive problems, infertility and other sexual disorders and that is why it is often used in male growth products.

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Source by John T Harrison

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