A Guide to Most Common Neurological Disorders

Neurological disorders are one of those illnesses, which not just impacts the person mentally, but it also impacts the person’s overall health. There is not just one neurological disorder but there are many. Dealing with these neurological illnesses is not easy, although their treatment is also available. Unlike other health problems which mostly affect people of older age, neurological disorders can affect people at any age. Let’s get the insight of these neurological disorders.

Different types of Neurological Disorders

Alzheimer’s Disease – Alzheimer is one of those conditions that triggers the memory of a person. Also, it affects the reasoning or thinking the ability of the person. Generally, it starts at the age of 60 or 65. The patients of the Alzheimer’s are given certain medications to make their life better. However, there is no such permanent cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Autism – It is one of those neurological disorders, where the person’s language skills and speech get impaired. You may notice two people undergoing autism with different symptoms as it is a very wide neurological condition.

Epilepsy – In this disorder, a person may feel the brain’s abnormal activity which often results in the seizures. These seizures can vary from mild to the difficult ones. Someone who is going through the problem of epilepsy may face different seizures.

Stroke – It is also one of the illnesses which can impact the functioning of different parts of the body. Also, it can lead to brain damage. When the blood flow to the brain is blocked maybe because of the clotting or there is an excess of bleeding in the brain, it results in a stroke. A person can also die in this situation.

Parkinson’s Disease – In this disorder, one may face, the tremors in different body parts like in legs, arms, and face. It happens because of the loss of brain cells which produces dopamine. It becomes more worst with the time.

Migraines – It is one of the common illness which causes a headache, sensitivity, and nausea. With the help of the treatments, migraines can be prevented.

Causes behind the Neurological Disorders

As the neurological disorders are of different types, so does the causes also. The different causes behind these disorders can be either the poor lifestyle which includes alcohol abuse, no physical activity or laziness. It can be genetic or hereditary also. Some physical injuries or infections can also result in neurological disorders.

Signs that show the Neurological Disorders

The signs with the help of which you can learn about the Neurological Disorder in any person varies. As it depends on the type of neurological disorder that person is going through. Some of the signs are:

• Seizures

• Problem in Reading

• Problem in Writing

• Loss of sensation partially or completely

• Weakness in the muscles

Medications for Neurological Disorders

If you feel that you or anyone in your known is going through any of the neurological disorders, you must contact the neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon will help in recognizing the actual problem. Also, with the help of the neurosurgeon, you will know what treatments are required for the particular disorder. There are certain medications available for these disorders. They may not fix the problem permanently but can definitely help in reducing the effect and making life better.