Guys: You’ve Been Drying Your Hair All Wrong

We all do it.  We get out of the shower, grab a towel, and rub our heads until every last drop of water is gone!  Guys, you’ve been drying your hair all wrong and I’m here to set you straight.  Believe it or not, I think the biggest source of damage men do to their hair is from improper drying.  When hair is wet, it is much more susceptible to damage — hairs can become tangled in the fiber of the towel or in the comb and get stretched.  When the hair springs back, it can often become frizzy.  If you have longer hair, you’ve probably seen it — those shorter curly bits around the edges that won’t lay down.  Yup.  These are caused by bad drying technique.  Here’s how to dry your hair the right way.

hair growth


When the hair is still wet, use a great wide-tooth comb (the wider the better) and gently comb the hair to detangle the hair and smooth out the strands.  If you have longer hair, keep one of these combs in your shower — they are great for distributing conditioner (or styling product) throughout the hair.

Grab the RIGHT Towel

Yes, not all towels are the same — those we use to dry our bodies are different than those we should be using to dry our hair.  Using the standard terrycloth towel, the hair can become twisted in the fibers of the towel after a good rubbing and leave your hair a frizzy mess.  Reach for an ultra-soft microfiber towel. This will help prevent damage from using a standard towel.

Rub it the Right Way

Now that you have the right towel, and have combed through your hair (with a little detangle added for long hair), gently pat and stroke your hair in the direction it grows to avoid stretching the hair and tangling it up in the towel.  Yes, it will take you longer to dry your hair this way, but your hair will be protected and less likely to be damaged by bad drying. It will help to increase the flow of blood scalp to enhance the development of hair. It acts as the massager to improve the flow of blood to enhance the health of the scalp.

REMEMBER:  There is no real way to repair damaged hair besides cutting it off, so investing some extra time to prevent damage will be worth it.

Let it Air Dry

After you have finished the towel dry, I recommend skipping the blow dryer and allowing the hair to air dry naturally before applying any styling product.  Of course, so hairstyles will require a little blow drying, so it’s important to use proper technique.

Blow Drying

Investing in a good ionic blow dryer is essential to drying the hair faster and safer.  I love the BaByliss Pro 2000 Watt Nano Titanium for home use.  When blow-drying the hair, skip the combs and brushes, if possible, and use your fingers — your hand is the ultimate wide-tooth comb!  If you must, use a wide-tooth comb or a soft boar bristle brush.  You can also use a ceramic or metal brush if you need more control (for pompadours and such), but these can heat up and damage the hair if you are not careful.

When drying, use your fingers and pull the hair in the direction of your final style — aim the blow dryer at the roots for the best results.  You’ll also want to start with the bottom layers first and work your way up.  When you start at the top, you’re re wetting the bottom layers of your hair as you comb through it.  For longer hair growth, you can also section the hair off to prevent from drying the same hair over and over again.  This is pretty simple process — just part the hair off with a comb and move it out of the way — I recommend one panel at the top, one at each side, and two in the back (upper and lower).  You can use a clip to hold the sections together and release them as you dry.

When blow-drying, you can use a little shine serum to make the hair glossy (and protect it from heat) and remember to use minimal styling product which can make the hair sticky and hard to comb during the drying process.  Product works better when applied to dry hair anyway, so safe the goo for after the hair is dry.