Privacy Policy

We at SupplementVerdict, take care of the privacy needs of our customers. We value your privacy. We understand the importance of personal information of people. This is the reason why people can stay away from the hassles of carrying out threats related to their policy as we keep the personal information secret and secure with us. We do not leak or scam your personal information to others. We do not rent, sell, or loan your contact details to anyone, leaving you stress-free while coming to us. Of course, we want you to fill the email address or other necessary information on our site while placing an order for any product.

There is nothing to worry at all because we are capable of storing your information in the best possible manner as we use the latest and secure encryption techniques. This leads to the safety of personal information, a user submits to us for any reason.

How the personal information is is being accumulated?

Firstly, we do not want to get you any type of information, if you are just visiting our site for information sake. There are some situations, in which we want you to provide your right information to us, like when you are requesting something, ordering any product from our site, using the advertising data, making a subscription to our newsletter and some similar activities. In this similar way, we can obtain the useful data as and when required, if compulsory. In the other way, your sensitive data is always secured with us. In case, the request is low priority based for submission, it will be purely taken as arbitrary by the website.

Again, we also take care of the cookies to maintain the functionality of the site so that our customers can get the best browsing experience. We use these cookies to keep a track on the number of visitors coming to our site. If needed, our legal or authorized employees may access your personal information. Our employees are needed to stick to our privacy policy. Our workers are intended to stick the terms and conditions of the site. In any situation, the guidelines of our privacy policy are disobeyed, it strictly leads to the termination of an employee or a worker.

How the collected information is being used?

The information we collect can be used for only some purposes, majorly two things, which are mentioned below:

As we try to provide our visitors or customers the best browsing experience, we use the stored information to improve it.

Sometimes, in the case of requests, we wish to give feedback or solve the query of our customers as well as daily visitors, and then the collected data is being used.

In other no circumstances, we do not use the stored information at any cost. As we are here to help our daily visitors and customers to provide them with the prominent information related to health supplements, we do not regret them at all. All the details and the information gathered by us can be used only for your favor. We actually guarantee that your information is being safe with us at any cost. Our team members and other employees of the company will never misuse or leak your information for their benefit or interest.

How do we secure the information?

The members of our team use different security measures to maintain the safety of the information submitted to us. We try to prepare safety measures by containing the password secured servers as well as the databases. This way, we make the information submitted to our site secure and safe.

Our site has a number of external links to many sites. We are not held liable for any misuse, outside of our site. It is the responsibility of a visitor to read all the terms and conditions before going to any other site. We always try to update the site by launching new security features, giving the best chance to our viewers to get the best browsing experience.

SupplementVerdict Guidelines

SupplementVerdict has a specified set of rigid and rigorous review guidelines over the Internet. The guidelines are meant to be followed in any manner; the violation can’t be tolerated at any cost as I am aware of.

That’s completely excellent news for our clients!!!!!!!!

The major goals for SupplementVerdict Reviews involves –

  • Early detection of Scams, Identity theft, and similar fraudulent activities
  • Assisting the people to choose for trustworthy, premium –quality services, products and software.
  • To facilitate readers with informative points with aspect of starring fundamental key – features.
  • Availing supreme discounts and offers with a free trial version
  • To establish an Asset for long lasting stability

Types of Blends that can be reviewed on Supplement Verdict

  • Online Business
  • Online leisure Activity (Entertainment)
  • Online Educational Bulletins
  • More Earning Opportunities while Sitting At Home
  • No Porn/ Ripened Content
  • SupplementVerdict welcome audits for online sold products, practically anything that is sold or happens on the web.


Traits Which Makes The Reviews of Great Value


  • Complete details regarding every aspect of an individual’s experience
  • Relevant amount of information is displayed, quite useful for potential information
  • Factual data, facts and figures
  • Excellent professional language with no foul pitch or useless CAPSLOCK writing.

Points Hidden Behind A Bad Review

  • Duplicacy from SupplementVerdict or some other similar review sites
  • Obscenity, prejudice, or other garbage or other ridiculous things. These would not be strictly tolerated.
  • Self-advancement, regardless of how tricky you believe you’re being
  • Paying organizations or outsiders to falsely change an item’s surveys or general appraisals on SupplementVerdict

Things to be focused while publishing reviews and comments

Certain surveys and remarks will never be distributed on SupplementVerdict. Basically, we won’t distribute audits in the event that they don’t consent to the survey rules recorded previously. The surveys might be exploitative, fake, or incendiary in nature.

The reasons hidden behind why SupplementVerdict will never publish such reviews and comments are –

  1. Visitors have to purchase the product before leaving any review or a comment. In case, if you haven’t used the product you don’t have to authority to leave any comment or a review.
  2. We also have the right to remove any of the reviews in the case, it is inappropriate. It will be removed immediately if it is irrelevant i.e. violates any of the guidelines.
  3. A few organizations will even contract proficient outsiders to survey their items on SupplementVerdict. We constantly remain active against such scams or fraudulent activities. In such case, we also have the authority to delete the review or a comment.


What if my supplements get negative review on SupplementVerdict???

SupplementVerdict has a genuine contact email at SupplementVerdict [at] Gmail. You can email SupplementVerdict in the event that you feel a specific audit is overstated, untruthful, or deceitful.


Nonetheless, SupplementVerdict keeps up that on the off chance that you offer a genuinely decent item or administration, a solitary negative audit won’t hurt your organization’s notoriety. Since the solitary survey will be muffled by numerous more positive surveys.

The Rock Line

SupplementVerdict is always advancing. Audits and remarks are not a correct science. Notwithstanding, it’s in SupplementVerdict’s best advantages to attempt to sift through deceitful surveys and give the most exact data on the web.

In the event that SupplementVerdict trusts an audit is fake, non-authentic, or insignificant to the item, at that point that survey might be evacuated. This is the Rock Line of our site.

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