How To Use Face Mask Properly at Home

Are you tired of your dry skin, dehydrated skin or oily skin? Then face mask can play an important role in this case. But taking face mask service from SPA or salon is a bit costly. So most of the people are unable to afford this service. That’s why we come up with some useful and at the same time comparatively easy guideline on “how to use face mask properly at home”. Let’s go and check this.

Using a face mask at home is not a very difficult task. You just have to maintain some simple tasks and will get the best benefit out of it. But before going to the steps of using face mask we have to understand the varieties of face masks.

Types of Face Masks:

Face masks can be categories in many ways. But in this writing, we try to divide the types of face masks according to the skin types.

  • For Dry Skin:

If you have dry skin then you should go for a Moisturizing mask or well-formulated rehydrating. But our top picks is Hydrogel Masks which is best for dry skin. And those face mask can be used at home easily. You can read also how to get rid of dry skin.

  • For Normal and Oily skin:

If you have oily skin then oil-absorbing mask and for clog-prone skin, a pore-perfecting mask will be great. And our expert suggests using “Rubber/Peel-Off Masks” for a better result.

  • For Acne-Prone skin:

Clay Masks can be used for Oily and Acne-Prone Skin.

  • For Anti-Aging problem:

If you face Anti-Aging problem, Water Sleeping Masks is the right one.

  • For Dark-Spot:

Exfoliating Masks is suitable for Dark Spots.

Guideline on – How To Use Face Mask At Home

Here is the guideline on how to use face mask at home.

How To Use Face Mask Properly

1. Prepare your skin:

First, you have to prepare your skin before applying a face mask. Preparing your skin includes some necessary things. Any kind of makeup or exfoliate like brow area, jawline and T-zone should be removed from the face. Please clean your face with proper cleanser and make sure to open the pores and unclog the clogs. As this will ensure the face mask to work better and give you better results.

2. Take proper sitting place:

It is also an important step to be maintained correctly. Sitting place should not be too hot or cool. A normal place with general temperature with some air passing is perfect for this. Just sit on a chair or a sofa and continue your face masking.

3. Prepare the Face pack:

Then you have to prepare your face pack. If it is a homemade face pack then you should make it ready just before applying. Or it will dry quickly. And if you buy it from the shop then we do not see any complication there. Just open the packet and use it. But we would suggest using homemade face pack as it is chemical free. And in the case for store facemask please choose wiserly.

4. Apply the face mask:

Now the time comes for applying a face mask. We would suggest a face mask brush for this but you can still your hand to apply face packs. Just apply with proper care and attention.

5. Wait to dry the face mask:

After applying the face mask you have to give you some time to dry it. Do not use any dryer. It is unnecessary. Normal air is ok or you can use a small fan to dry it out.

6. Remove the face mask:

After 10-15 minutes, it is the time to remove the face mask with a lot of water. Clean it properly. And then you should apply some semi-hot water to get a better result.

7. Apply moisturizer:

Experts suggest using moisturizer after applying the face mask. As it sometimes dries our skin too much, applying moisturizer can fix this.

Final Words:

The role of face mask in any skin condition is very great. One should use the face mask once in the week to get a decent skin. Now we are at the end of this writing and hope this guideline will help you in your face mask routine. Let us know what you feel about this and please like and share this. For now goodbye.

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